Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mohammed TV Professor

The professor talks about academic experts who exposed them selves on TV. What she explains contradicts the points made in the reading.
First, the professor says that the experts appear on TV to entertain not to educate which causes people not to take them seriously, this affects his credibility. On the other hand, according to reading the experts have a chance to talk to a wider audience outside of campus which enhances his credibility.
Second, the speaker states that the university will suffer from the time that expert wastes to prepare themselves to appear on TV. They need to do a lot of preparation ,think about what to present and more instead of doing research and attending classes. However ,according to the reading the university will gain a good reputation and people will think more highly of the university when they see the professor. That will lead to more donations for the university.
Third, the lecturer points out that no body will benefit from an expert who appears on TV. Usually TV networks don’t want a serious lecture on the screen. In contrast the reading makes it clear that the public will gain from learning a new subject from an authority.
In conclusion, according to the lecturer we can see that a professor will not give a serious lecture, will waste his important time, and will not benefit the public. All these points directly contradict the reading.

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iBT TOEFL Intensive 2007 said...

Well done. You are really quite good at writing.